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Oregon Newborn Photographer { LiveJoy Photography} January Favorites

January  2017 Favorites! Some of these are my favorite Newborn Photos ever. What a great first start to the year!!! HERE WE GO! <3 

Oregon Newborn Photographer { LiveJoy Photography} October Favorites

October you were good to me :) Other then the constant rain, and rescheduling outdoor sessions, we had some pretty precious little photos taken! I meet so many babies, but I remember them all like their session was yesterday! Such a gift to be a Newborn & baby Photographer. I am so thankful I fell into this little niche of mine! 

LiveJoy Photography | September | { Oregon Newborn Photographer }

September Favorites! 

Oh how I love Oregon in September! Oregon in October through May is a different story... but September? September is glorious. I met the sweetest babies this month, and lots of 1 Year celebrations! I just love working with Newborns through their first year. What a joy it is! 

LiveJoy Photography - August Favorites

Oh August... how I love thee!!!!!! 

Gorgeous evening light, brand new newborns, and sweet mama bellies, and families snuggling up! Its one of my favorite months to photograph in, and it was my 2nd busiest month this year. 

LiveJoy Photography - July Favorites

Oh goodness....July was such a gorgeous month for photos! It's the end of August right now as I am typing this, and I can hardly believe these images were taken a month or more ago! It feels just like yesterday! I know all these sweet newborn babies are probably already changed so much. Such a gift it is to be able to capture these precious moments for all these sweet families! Some of my favorite images ever <3 

February Favorites | Newborn | Baby | Maternity | Oregon

Oh my! February is typically a slower month for photographers, but it sure didnt turn out that way! It was full of babies, newborns, and Maternity Sessions! I even lucked out with a little bit of sun for our outdoor sessions. Thanks Oregon! 

Here are a few of my favorites from each session! Enjoy! 

November Favorites | Newborn | Baby | Maternity | Family | LiveJoy Photography

I have been finding that its a bit too much work to do a separate blog for each session, so rather, I am going to do one blog post with all my November Favorites! Lets see how this goes! :) I had lots of Milestone Sessions this month! 

Family Photography Session | Oregon | LiveJoy Photography

I have been so spoiled lately with the gorgeous golden hour light this summer! I am crying at the thought of it leaving so soon. I am so jealous of other photographers who live in states with sun year round! So unfair! This precious family session was one of those favorites! I had such a precious time with them all, and it was just a gorgeous evening. 


Family Photography | LiveJoy Photography

While on vacation in Montana, I was able to do a family session for a dear friend of mine. I've known her since 3rd grade, and I absolutely adore her. Her precious family is so perfect, and I had smiles the entire session. :) I love you my friend, and am so proud of this amazing life you've created for you, your husband, and kids! 

Family Photography Session | Oregon | LiveJoy Photography

This was my 3rd session with this sweet family! Their two sweet kiddos are only 7 months apart, so they have welcomed a incredibly wonderful love for wild and crazy. <3 These photos are some of my favorites because they are real life. Real life sometimes requires cookies to get kids to sit still, and meltdowns are just all part of it. Of course along the way you have to be sure to live in the moment, and have the time of your life playing in the water. And this we sure did. <3  

Family Photography | LiveJoy Photography | Oregon

I had so much fun with this wonderful family! It was such a gorgeous evening and we hit all of my favorite spots. I've been so grateful for the amazing weather lately! Yes, it's a little too warm, but I cannot complain because having sun every session is magical. I know too soon December will be here, and I will be missing these days. 

Family Photography Session | LiveJoy Photography | Oregon

This was my 3rd session with this sweet family! I am always sad when we do the last session in their package deal because I grow too attached to my clients :) We had such a sweet time and had the most gorgeous lighting for their session. Some of the most polite and sweet kids I've ever met. Way to go mom and dad! :)