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Oregon Newborn Photographer { LiveJoy Photography} January Favorites

January  2017 Favorites! Some of these are my favorite Newborn Photos ever. What a great first start to the year!!! HERE WE GO! <3 

Oregon Newborn Photographer { LiveJoy Photography} November Favorites

Ok, so I am sitting here and its already January 15.....2017. And I am just not posing November favorites! hahah. The sad part is that looking through them, I realized how desperately I missed some gorgeous fall colors! Everything is now just brown and covered in snow, which is crazy. I moved FROM Montana because of the snow, and am not ready for winters like that again. 

Anyways! My point is that this reminds me of how gorgeous it was and how much I miss it and can't wait to be there again :) I am just so grateful that I get to photograph your precious babies and newborns, and families. What a gift it has been. <3 

Oregon Newborn Photographer { LiveJoy Photography} October Favorites

October you were good to me :) Other then the constant rain, and rescheduling outdoor sessions, we had some pretty precious little photos taken! I meet so many babies, but I remember them all like their session was yesterday! Such a gift to be a Newborn & baby Photographer. I am so thankful I fell into this little niche of mine! 

LiveJoy Photography | September | { Oregon Newborn Photographer }

September Favorites! 

Oh how I love Oregon in September! Oregon in October through May is a different story... but September? September is glorious. I met the sweetest babies this month, and lots of 1 Year celebrations! I just love working with Newborns through their first year. What a joy it is! 

January Favorites

You guys. I just realized I never posted DECEMBER favorites! OH man. Everything is moved off my computer now onto my external HD, so I guess I have to skip December. Bummer! I cant even keep up with one blog post a month :) Haha! I'm not complaining that things have been so busy by ANY means, I'm just sorry I didnt post them! Well if you follow me on Social Media, you probably saw them anyways :) 

BUt I DO have January Favorites available! Enjoy! 

1 Year & Cake Smash | LiveJoy Photography | Oregon

This week was full of happy one year olds and yummy cakes! Do I not have the most wonderful job ever? It really is so great! Of course the session is only 20% of my actual job, but still so great! :) This happy little one was about as easy-going as they come! It's so amazing to me how different every baby is! He was just so content and enjoyed every single moment of the session! 

1 Year & Cake Smash | LiveJoy Photography | Oregon

This little guy stole my heart! Such a happy little one! Even though we didn't know he was sick at the time, he had smiles and giggles his entire session! What a precious little one, and it was just so much fun to photograph him! 

1 Year Session | Oregon | LiveJoy Photography

I could not get over this little mans curls! Oh my gosh, I hope mama never cuts them! They are about as precious as it gets! :) We had such a sweet time with these boys. What a wonderful family and I am so glad they found me! It has been too much fun watching him grow up! And this is what we call a "Cake SMASH!!!!" He was not messing around! :) hahah! 

1 Year Session & Cake Smash | Oregon | LiveJoy Photography

You guys. I am so far behind on my recent session, that I just want to give up! But then I look at these photos, and I have to share. :) This adorable little guy I have gotten to watch grow up, and this cake smash session was just way too much fun! I don't think Ive ever had a 1 year old SO EXCITED about his cake. He has the biggest appetite, and it was absolutely adorable! We had so much fun, and laughed so hard. This is what it is all about <3 And how adorable is that cake?! 

One Year Baby Boy & Cake Smash | Salem, Oregon | LiveJoy Photography

99% of this time, babies have a strong dislike for cake. But not this guy! He pretty much had the time of his life his entire session! He had his mom and dad and grandmas all laughing hysterically at his antics. :) And he was having a blast! What a sweetheart! I had so much fun photographing him. He was so intrigued with my camera, which I loved because it allowed me to get those sweet close ups. :) Happy first birthday Maddox! :) 

1 Year Cake Smash | LiveJoy Photography | Oregon

It was the week of one year cake smashes! 3rd one for the week! But, I mean. How can you have too many 1 year olds with cake all over them? Not possible :) This was my 4th session with this wonderful family, and oh my goodness this girl just gets cuter every time! As if that were possible... So stinking sweet, I couldn't stop taking pictures! 

1 Year Cake Smash | LiveJoy Photography | Oregon

I first met this sweet girl in her mamas belly! And now to see her all grown up with the CUTEST smile and giggle was just so much fun! We did the session at the same place we did Mom's Maternity Session, which just felt sweet. I couldn't get enough of this sweet girl and her gorgeous little face! Too adorable! 

One Year Cake Smash | LiveJoy Photography | Oregon

This was my second cake smash for a Declan in a week! They spelled their names a bit differently, but it was still so much fun!  We were racing against these dark clouds that were threatening us, but this happy little guy just had a blast! Right as we were loading things back into our vehicles the rain started.. Thanks Oregon :)