I'm having a baby soon and would like to schedule a newborn session. What should I do?  

I encourage all of my clients to contact me in their 2nd trimester. I will get your name on my calendar and have you pay your Session Fee to reserve your session. I have a few forms for you to fill out, and then I will just have you contact me when baby arrives and we will book their session sometime before day 10. Keep in mind, I frequently have to turn away last minute sessions due to being completely booked. 

Newborn sessions should be done sometime between days 5-10. This is when they sleep the most, and still have their amazing flexibility which allow for those adorable positions.  


Where do you Photograph? And do you travel?

Newborns, on up to 6 months of age, I do solely in my home studio in South Salem. Due to the amount of equipment and supplies that I have, it would be impossible to pack it all up. I keep my house and studio very clean and sanitized, and am very conscious that your trip to my studio is normally baby's first time out. I take very seriously the health and safety of the newborns that arrive here. 

See here for pictures of my studio! 

For babies 9 Months - 1 year old, I do outdoor sessions year-round. For this age it works best to give them a little more space to place, and stay entertained to capture those wonderful photos. 

In order to keep costs down on my session, I do not travel outside of Salem. 


How should I dress for photos with my newborn?  

I encourage mom and dad to wear light neutral basic colors. Tans, whites, and blacks all work great. The simpler the better. Basic tee's and tank tops are perfect. No zippers or buttons. Feel free to come in comfy clothes, and I will let you know when we will be doing your photos with baby. 


Why should I invest in Newborn Photography? Can't I just have my friend do it? 

You may be surprised to know that I have spend hundreds of hours (and dollars) training and gaining experience in order to learn the craft and art of Newborn Photography. It is such highly skilled and professional niche, that few photographers even attempt it. For me however, it was always a completely natural transition. I have worked with kids and babies my entire life, and have always had a way with them, as well as being a bit of a technology geek. :)  I believe that has helped my business and experience grow as fast as it has! The most frequent comment I get is how patient I am. Once you have your newborn session, you will see how much goes into creating an image! I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and work hard to make sure every little finger and toe is in place. 

When you realize how much goes into Newborn Photography, from the posing, to the knowledge of newborns and what environment makes them feel peaceful, to the lighting, the camera settings, the right lens, and an extensive knowledge of photoshop and editing skills related to newborns, you start to understand why your friend down the road cannot get the same image. 

Newborn photography is truly an investment into your memories. Typically by the time you receive your photos, your baby will have already changed. The first 2 weeks of a baby's life is quickly fleeting, and most mom and dads are very sleep deprived. It can be a hard time in mom's life too as she is still healing, as well as maybe experiencing postpartum depression. What I love about my job is that I capture all the sweet brand new details about your baby, (from their flexibleness to their flakey skin) so that down the road you are able to look back on and remember every moment!  


I saw this picture on Pinterest that I love, can you do it?  

I have on my questionnaire (that I have all my clients fill out) that does ask if there is anything pose or image in particular you would like to see happen during the session. While I do not copy another photographers work, I do love to gain inspiration from images and see what type of photos you enjoy. Keep in mind that every photographer's style is different, and I like to think that you came to me because you loved what you saw in my portfolio. :) Also, remember that not every baby is the same! They all have their little differences, and a pose that may work with one baby, may not with another. If you choose to bring any of your own props to the session, please let me know ahead of time and send me an image of it, so I can tell you if it's able to be included or not. 

I would prefer you create a pinterest board, and pin images from my website to include. This way I have a much better idea of the images you would like to focus on, and I can be certain I have the same props and style available to me. 



How soon should I expect my photos?  

I make it a priority to edit as soon as possible, and upload your personalized online viewing album within 2 weeks of your session. 


Can I order professional prints through you? 

Yes, absolutely! Once you receive your online gallery, you will have the option to order high quality professional prints. I work with one of the top Professional labs around.  While I do give a print release with my sessions, if you choose to get your prints done at a less qualified location, I will not be held responsible for any disappointment with those prints. Professional photos need to be printed from a professional lab. The difference in exposure, color balance, and sharpness completely varies depending on where you get your prints done. 

What happens if the weather less than ideal for my outdoor session? 

If the weather is bad, we will reschedule to my soonest availability. This is Oregon after all, and being flexible with the weather is a huge part of my planning. I do the best I can to stay on top of the weather and I will contact you if I feel like there is a chance of bad weather. 


What kind of payment do you accept?  

I accept Cash, Checks, Credit & Debit. Booking Fees are due at the time of booking, with the full session amount due at time of your session. Please make checks payable to LiveJoy Photography.