Newborn Session Quick Tips

* If possible, schedule your session within the first 10 days after birth. Days 5-9 are the best. 

* If you are planning on circumcising, it is very important to schedule that appointment either after your session with me, or at least 5 days before. Because I do a lot of wrapping, unwrapping, moving and posing, a fresh circumcision can easily become irritated, (even with the soft blankets) and will be highly uncomfortable which can lead to a very unhappy baby who is unable to be photographed. If baby arrives with a fresh circumcision, I will reschedule your session. 

* If you are breast-feeding, try to avoid spicy foods for the 24 hours before your session. 

* Try to keep baby awake and alert for the hour or 2 before your session. (We want them nice and sleepy when you get here!) For babies over 9 days, I recommend keeping them awake at LEAST 2 hours before your session if possible. Once they hit day 9 or 10 they are much more alert and awake for longer periods of time. If you are within a half hour drive of my home, I will have you feed baby right before leaving. That will ensure they are sleepy as soon as you get here, and we can get started right away. If you are coming from Portland or have an hour drive, I will have you plan on feeding baby as soon as you arrive. 

* Plan on frequent feedings during your session. (especially if you are breast feeding) 

* I will have it very warm (80 -85 degrees) so just be prepared for that. It's cozy! :) This is because at that age, newborns are unable to regulate their own body temperature, and so we keep it nice and warm to keep them comfortable during their session. 

* Try to dress your baby in non-restrictive clothing right before your session so they don't have lines in their skin.   

* Be sure to bring lots of extra wipes and diapers! We will go through quite a few during your session. 

* Pacifiers are a great tool to have at your session even if you aren't planning on using one. It really helps to calm baby down once they are in position, allowing me to get them settled. 

* Bring water and snacks for mama! 

* If you plan on getting photos with your baby, wear some neutral colors. If you are wearing, for example, a hot pink shirt, it will actually reflect those colors on your babies skin while holding them. 

And of course, ask me with any questions!  I am passionate about Newborn Sessions and am confident this will be a wonderful, peaceful experience for you and your new baby.